How often have you thouight, “She’s probably with him for his money?” Can money buy love? And if so, what are the terms?

She’s probably with him for his money

How often have you thouight, “She’s probably with him for his money?” Especially if he is not an attractive looking man or there is a age gap between them. And she is not of the same socio-economic status as he is.

We see it in the media, the eighty year old billionaire marrying the eighteen year old waitress. The high-profile CEO leaves his wife for his younger mistress.

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I used to work in finance. And as one of the top performers, I had a good income. I loved my job. At least for the first twenty years! Till my values changed.

I don’t remember the exact events that lead to the change. But I remember how I went from jumping out of bed each morning to now dreading getting out of bed at just the thought of work.

I knew something had changed. But I could not put my finger on it. Not yet anyway.

I Hated My Job

A global Gallup poll conducted in 2017 found that out of the world’s…

Achieving what it is you want out of life is not random. But it takes a clear vision, a new mindset, and taking action towards the very thing you desire.

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Reprogramming your mind is not only possible but the only way to achieve what you want out of life is. I believe that our thoughts control our actions and our actions determine our results. What we put in what we get out. We are in control of our outcomes.

So, if we can reprogram our brains with a new mindset — one geared towards achieving the outcomes we desire —…

Should I pay down my mortgage or contribute to my Retirement Savings Plan? — a dilemma faced by many people.

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What to consider

Paying down the mortgage sooner adds up to more savings in interest payments over the long haul. The advantage of contributing to your retirement savings account is that you can potentially reduce your taxes and build a nest egg. There are advantages to both.

Interest Savings

If you have a mortgage balance to be renewed upon maturity, consider the interest savings based on the renewal rate, not the current rate. …

How do you make financial decisions you can be at peace with when you are pulled in different directions?

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How do you make financial decisions you can live with when there are conflicting needs and priorities? When you are torn between what you want to do and what you think you need to do? Many of us grew up thinking we should go to college, have a steady job, raise a happy family, save for retirement, and live a long life. How do we decide between what we think we should do and what our hearts long for?

As a…

There has been a longstanding debate on the active vs. passive style of investing. While there has been unprecented growth in passive investing, here we will look at the benefits of both styles of investing.

Active Management

Active management involves professional money managers monitoring and making decisions about investments in a portfolio. Of whether to buy, sell or hold. As opposed to passive investing that requires minimal to no management of assets. The portfolio mirrors major indices such as the Dow Jones or the S&P 500 index, and, until recently, most Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) are passively managed investments.

Your subconscious scripts around the subject of money could be keeping you from attracting greater wealth. Wealthy people tend to have more positive internal scripts about money.

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In my “Re-Script Your Life for Abundance” workshops, I often start by asking participants, “what does money mean for you?” The typical response I get is, “money means flexibility and freedom to do what I want” or “money is security.”

When I ask the same audience what money meant to the family when they were growing up, I get a different response. …

Expressing gratitude is recognising the power within to choose the response you want to have in difficult situations. And deciding to choose a more empowering response to those situations.


Gratitude is not emotional bypassing. Gratitude changes everything. Being grounded in gratitude is about adopting an approach to life where being grateful becomes your default position. With so much negative or fake news induntating the airwaves it’s easy to become cynical.

Adopting a dominant attitude of gratitude can literally change your life! Have you ever noticed the change in your physical and emotional state when you feel a sense of gratitude?

Benefits To Being Grateful

Remember that owning a home is not always about the math. There is more to it than you may have considered.

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With home prices skyrocketing these past few years, it would convince most people that homeownership would be the ultimate goldmine. And tough luck for those who can never afford what appears to have become a luxury.

But we must not assume that buying a home is the only way to build your net worth.

There are certain advantages to homeownership:

Being in a relationship means your actions influence your partner’s well-being — including their finances. So, how do you navigate this?

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What is financial infidelity? And how can you prevent it?

Brad wanted to refinance his mortgage in order to build a new home for his family. Since his wife Gillian was on the title, it meant their banker, Tim, needed to pull up the credit report for both of them. First, he needed to get them to sign the approval to access their credit report.

Gillian made a call to Tim to tell him she did not want her…

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Life and Business Coach, Author, and Creative Strategist, Jennifer, helps people and businesses achieve their goals by aligning with what they truly value.

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